Monday, May 12, 2014
Feeling Content

Bear with me folks, I am feeling a little touchy feely these days. Probably due to the emotional roller coaster of living the clumsy life with one thumb. It's definitely better, but still nowhere close to usable. Do you know how hard it is for a girl who is all thumbs to be down by one of her favorite digits? I know I'm lucky that it's only a bone bruise and not broken, but gosh it's annoying. I am getting pretty good with the claw now though. That's what I call the four fingers that are working oddly together to make up for the lack of a thumb. I have a whole new respect for the Almighty Thumb!

Anyway, back to the real meaning of my post today. My most profound friend, Lindsay, wrote an incredible post on contentment the other day. You should read it. She is incredibly wise and always inspires me to be a better version of me. I've actually been thinking about this subject a lot lately.


It's actually a pretty tough subject for me especially as someone that works for herself. I always have BIG DREAMS and goals that I'm reaching for. Don't get me wrong, I feel like those are good things, but I also feel that there comes a point when you should stop reaching so hard and just take a moment to appreciate the here and now. I actually did this a few weeks ago, very specifically and very purposefully on a Saturday morning. I live with a lot of stress since Tony and I are both freelancers. We are always working for the next big thing. So, the odd calmness that came over me that morning really marked a special time in my life. It was a realization that I truly have all I've ever wanted and all I will ever need. We definitely do not live a glamorous life. We don't go on regular vacations (our trips are always work related) and some nights we have beans and rice out of necessity (sometimes because we want them too), but we have a healthy, happy little family that we are incredibly happy with. We live in a house we love and we have all that we NEED. Contentment. Happiness. Love. Safety. I could NOT ask for more.

Health Is The Greatest Gift
Do you ever think about that? Your contentment? I think it's easy to get caught up in the things you don't care for or don't have in your life, but actually appreciating the good is never as easy. Competing with others or never really appreciating who you are or how far you've come will only create bitterness and anger.

Summer time is coming up for my boys which gives us a lot of good times to look forward to here. We are really looking forward to this summer. Life has changed, again (for the better, so that's good!). We are crazy busy, but trying to take the little moments of calmness to really spend some quality time together. The illustrator is working on a Star Trek comic book and he could not be happier, I'm loving every second of working more hands on with him again, my bootcamp class is in full swing with an energetic group, I have a great group of personal training/nutrition clients and my recipe development clients have grown! Also, on top of that, I know this is almost too much for me to handle, but in the very near future, my toes will be scrunched in a sandy beach. Our family is going to the beach for a few days with my very best girl friend and her family. I CAN NOT WAIT!!! This girl grew up with beach vacations all the time. It has been 10 years since I've been and I (along with the bus who can't even remember that trip 10 years ago) are busting with excitement.

MiMM MIMM #77 A Very Grateful Thanksgiving <3
So, tell me some good things that are going on in your life. I want to enjoy these moments with you!
Happy Monday friends! I am indeed feeling marvelous! I hope you have an incredible week!


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