Wednesday, September 7, 2011
Open Face Fried Okra Omelet
Do you ever just cook things for others? I love doing just that. Even if the smell is repulsive to me. There are few vegetables that I don't like, but okra is one of them. I have childhood memories of being forced to eat it and I am forever scarred or I just don't like it...either way, the only way I can eat it is hidden in gumbo, but other than that...forget about it. However, my boys (all three of them) love fried okra.

We made the mistake of going over board with buying okra at the farmer's market recently. By over board, I mean 6 pounds! That was way too much for normal consumption. So, I fried up some for the boys.  I keep it simple when I fry up okra. I just cut up the okra, sprinkle a little masa harina (corn flour) on it - just enough to coat it-, some salt and pepper. Then I heat a little oil in a skillet and fry the okra until golden brown.

Now, the bad part about having too much is that leftovers aren't as crispy. So, what to omelet! Really that's the answer to all leftovers if you ask me.

This beast was for 2 super hungry boys, so I used 5 eggs mixed with a little water, as much okra as it would hold and some fresh corn cut off the cob.

I cooked the omelet until set on one side and then finished it off under the broiler to crisp things off on the top. The boys loved it!

Do you have a vegetable you just don't like? Is it based on a childhood memory or do you just not like it? I don't like avocados (texture and taste...just gross), okra (it's too slimy!) and fennel (tastes too much like licorice). I can't think of any more that I just can't stand. Oh, canned peas...heck no! They are just gross. So, do you cook things for others knowing you won't eat it? You know I do!

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