Monday, August 29, 2011
Cardio Party!
While my cooking and baking have been a little on the "less than exciting side"(I'm not really sure how many salads with over easy eggs I can show you before I bore you to death), my workouts have been tons of fun. I should start out by saying that working out is NEVER a chore for me. I am the girl that would walk know, for the exercise. When FitTv went down the tubes, I decided to branch out and try some new things. I got some great suggestions from readers, but I wanted to try more. So, I looked on Amazon (it's cheaper) and started collecting some new stuff. The one I want to talk about today is...

Exercise Tv's Star Trainers Cardio. This video is actually a lot of fun. There are 5 different trainers that take you through 5 different 30 minute workouts. Some are more dance inspired and some are a great mix of cardio and muscle toning. I have to suggest, when you order videos, read the reviews! I did, so when the trainers pause to promote a "Propel" water break, I was not annoyed or surprised. In fact, I took a little water break.

Rob Glick does a really fun cardio party workout to start with. He is fun to listen to and he walks you through three segments of dance that he then puts together in the end. I love this one.

I love Violet Zaki! She does a martial arts inspired workout that gets your booty. The woman loves squats!

Gay Gasper is really fun. Her cardio espresso (I love my coffee!) is a lot of fun and gets your heart going!

Kimberly Spreen put together a really fun high energy workout. She takes your heart rate up and then brings it down while your working on toning. I love this mix!

Kendell Hogan is one of my favorite trainers! He has such an upbeat attitude and his moves are fun. He walks you through each move and really helps you get it before you move on...all while keeping your heart rate up!

These workouts are not hard core cardio junkie workouts (which I like too), but they are fun. I took dance until I was a sophomore in high school, so I love the dance inspired moves. There are no annoying negative comments and all the trainers are super supportive, encouraging and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this video to anyone looking to have a little fun with their workout!

Have you found any new workouts you love?

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