Monday, August 15, 2011
My Baby Boy Turns 13!
I think my lack of blogging lately is proof enough of the craziness that has hit me lately. I'm horribly emotional lately...hold on and you will see why. Anyway, I miss blogging badly right now. While most people in my everyday life don't get the blogging thing, I have really discovered how much I love it. Really everyone that comments here or reads is a friend of mine. I love reading about everything that goes on in other bloggers' lives too. Blogging is definitely the modern day version of pen pals.

So, what's been going for the boys, school meetings for the boys, work (which I love), house stuff, looking at properties (good and bad...will we ever find the dream land?) and...

a birthday!

(I miss those cheeks!)

Seriously, my baby boy turned 13 on Friday! How in the world did that happen?


 Looking at old pictures, I can't believe how much Jay has changed in the past year...

 He actually looks and acts so much older now!

You know cookie cake is in order for the occasion! It's his favorite so that's what he got!

I don't have any of my baking supplies with me right now, but I do have the baking pans Better Homes and Gardens sent me from the cookie contest and the cookie cake was perfectly baked in it.

I have to say, change is hard. We are going through a ton of it lately. I feel so fortunate to have my beautiful little family. Happy Birthday to my little man. I've enjoyed every day I have had with you and look forward to so many more!

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