Friday, August 17, 2007
Veggie Burgers
I saw this recipe while looking around a couple of months ago for new recipe ideas. I am trying to make more recipes that are for me now. This one really caught my eye! I love Garden Burgers, but I have a hard time finding the ones that are vegan. I need the vegan ones because they don't have dairy in them. So, I thought, if I could make my own I would not need to worry about finding the ones without dairy. Well, let me tell you...these are so freakin' good! I felt fortunate today, too because I had my girlfriend, Cat, here to test them with me (I love a new guinea pig). I am sure the illustrator was thankful for that too since he got a break from my "freaky" food.

I did make them a little smaller than the recipe called for because the recipe makes some huge burgers! Other than that, I made them exactly like the recipe said and they came out perfectly. I have to be honest and tell you that I liked them so much more than the ones you buy in the store! They don't seem so manufactured and they get a nice crust on the good! I also think they are a great background for variations...I will let you know what I do with them next time...I am thinking something Italian or maybe Mexican!

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