Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Things I've discovered about myself lately...
I can make a masterpiece dinner out of odds and ends of leftovers in the fridge (we are on operation clean out the fridge mode). I was pretty proud of coming up with this little concoction with what no one else wanted to eat from the fridge. Kind of a vegetarian salad nicoise salad...kind of...

(potatoes, eggs, green beans, lettuce, nutritional yeast and apple cider vinegar)

I can't get enough of words with friends. People, Tony and I have always played scrabble together (we are talking way back 17 years ago until now), but now we can play each other, our kids, our friends...this stuff is addictive. Oh and for the record, my kids totally kick my butt in the game. Shameful. I may need a program for getting over all of this...

I am infatuated with my little garden.

I can see this as being extremely time consuming for me.

I saw these little strawberries and almost shed a tear of joy. I can't wait for more! I still need to plant more stuff and don't mine the egg shells in the beds. We used them in our compost.

Jelly Bellies...need I say more? You can have your chocolate if I can have all the jelly bellies.

Oh, have you seen the documentary on the creator of jelly bellies? It was on Netflix and wow! That's all I will say, you should watch it for a little bit. Trust me, that's all you'll be able to watch...

When put to the challenge, I can eat a massive about of vegetables.

I have eaten 1 1/2 bags of these peppers in 3 days.

I've also eaten two tomatoes everyday in the past 3 days and 4 heads of lettuce.

I told you I have to clean out the fridge!

Banana soft serve time is on! Now I have Max hooked on this too! He was incredible impressed that it was just frozen bananas.

Also, I am the queen of procrastination. People, I can put anything off until the last minute. That means today is a crazy one, but I will get it done! I have worked out, I've got to get the kids to school, shower and then I have a client meeting, bank runs to make, finish packing and sausage balls to make (for my main man). All this before 4pm! 

Wednesday, it's on! Thursday, I will be Chicago bound and off to Nourished on Friday spreading the good word and treats from Bob's Red Mill!

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