Friday, October 19, 2012
Friday Fodder
How in the heck did it end up being Friday??? Where has this week gone? Between Tony's schedule, the kids and my is crazy. Good crazy though, so no complaints. Except maybe a little extra sleep would be nice. I'm kind of adding to my lack of sleep too by racing last Saturday and then I signed up to volunteer at the Fast Pace 5k/10 for Prostate Cancer this Saturday. I want to learn more about race events, so I thought it would be a nice gesture to volunteer, learn a little and support an amazing cause! Besides, if all the runners can get up to run at 6:30am on a Saturday, I can surely go and show some support. Sleep is over-rated...

I thought I would share some randomness with you all today...

1. I'm a control freak in the kitchen. I know, it's not shocking to most since cooking is a HUGE part of what I do. The bad part of that is that Tony loves to cook too and since his work schedule normally doesn't allow him much time in the kitchen, when he does have the down time, he likes to cook. Well, Monday, after our run, we ended up at the grocery store. We hadn't had lunch and he was craving black bean soup and a sandwich. I was craving eggs and a salad, I know, another shocker since I eat that just about every day. So, he picked up some low sodium black beans with a plan (thanks to Laura, I'm a salt nazi except for hot sauce...that's always allowed). He also wanted some pico, but Kroger was out, so we grabbed the stuff to make it at home. Well, that was my job...pico girl. He asked if I would eat the soup if he made it. I gave in and said yes...which shocked him! I did not want a sandwich though. I had to have some control! So, he asked if I would have an over easy egg on it. YES! Giving up my kitchen control was the best decision I've made in quite some time! Seriously, it was such an amazing lunch! Note to sell...let go of so much kitchen control!

2. I'm OBSESSED with fresh roasted pumpkin! Yeah, the power it has over me is real...tangible! I have been roasting my own pumpkin now for a few years and I finally allowed myself to cut the first one on Sunday.

I have eaten it everyday in some form...muffins, mixed with protein powder, on my oatmeal, rice pudding, all by it's self. I have no will power. For most, this would really not be an issue, but you see I ate so much one year that the palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet were orange. I know...attractive. I really need to freeze some to go throughout the year...really, I need to.

MUFFINS! Same as above, but repeated cause I have no self control!

Pumpkin pancakes a la mode!
Dinner or decide. 

I think you get the point! OBSESSION!

3. Running...what next? That is the question I got the most from my last post. By the way, thank you for all of your amazingly kind words! Well, the answer is I'm happy with where I'm at right now. While I did love doing the race, I can't say I'm hooked on racing. If a charity pops up that I'm interested in donating to, then I will sign up. Otherwise, I'm just happy to be able to run and to have really fallen in love with it. It's not easy. Every run is different. Some are harder, some easier, some are hillier, some are flatter, some are outside and some are on the treadmill. I just enjoy running...

Above and beyond anything, I am so incredibly appreciative of all of the kind words and support from this community! 

Speaking of the running community, if anyone is in or near the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and want to run for a cure that's near and dear to my heart (it's what I had), The Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation is holding it's 3rd annual 5k run/walk this Sunday. Also, if your interested in donating, Michelle Rounds has a page for donations and Rosie O'Donnell will match whatever Michelle raises! Anyway, if I was there, I would run my butt off!

Ok, it's a busy one for me so no celebrating Friday until the evening. By celebrating, I mean going to sleep early to go to the race. What are you doing this weekend? I'm hoping to go for a run myself after the race and enjoy this fall weather while it lasts!

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posted by Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen @ 6:00 AM  
  • At October 19, 2012 at 8:26 AM, Anonymous Lee said…

    I might have told you about this race that I'm doing, I can't remember. It's the Romp & Stomp on November 3rd. It's part of the Chomp & Stomp Chili Festival and though it's not for charity, you do get free admission to the festival if you register. Might be something fun to do as a family. My only beef (haha) with it is that they don't have a ton of veggie chili. It's still fun though.

  • At October 19, 2012 at 9:13 AM, Anonymous Amy B @ Second City Randomness said…

    Sometimes volunteering is more fun than racing! I've cheered on quite a few races and also am volunteering at one this next month!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  • At October 19, 2012 at 10:07 AM, Anonymous Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table said…

    I am with you on the fresh pumpkin! I have one I need to roast today, in fact. Sometimes I do love fall. If only it wouldn't get cold...

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  • At October 19, 2012 at 11:35 AM, Blogger Stephanie P said…

    I'll be running in the Historic Oakland Cemetary Run
    Like Hell 5K!

  • At October 19, 2012 at 3:22 PM, Blogger Jolene said…

    fresh roasted pumpkin?! Oh em gee!! want! and this was the longest week ever!! I am so glad it flew for you tho ;-)

  • At October 19, 2012 at 9:16 PM, Blogger Kristina @ spabettie said…

    I roasted my first pumpkin and first butternut squash last weekend... Oh. So. Good. and I have to wait until October "Sweets" month is over to show everyone what I did with it ;)

    I am a total control freak in my kitchen. I really have to concentrate on NOT trying to do everything when Jason is in there... :)

    Have a great time at the race tomorrow - then come home and NAP or relax, okay?? XXO!

  • At October 21, 2012 at 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anna @ On Anna's Plate said…

    You know, I always liked running more than racing-- and I think that's a good way to be!

    I've NEVER roasted my own pumpkin, but I bought a few at the patch specifically for roasting-- wish me luck. :-)

  • At October 22, 2012 at 6:30 AM, Anonymous Miz said…

    late to the friday fodder but smiled at the CONTROL FREAK piece.
    Im so so so not a control freak in the kitchen.

  • At October 22, 2012 at 8:56 AM, Anonymous Paige @ your trainer paige said…

    that's awesome that you signed up to volunteer :) Hope it went well!

  • At October 24, 2012 at 4:06 AM, Anonymous STUFT Mama said…

    I just love you Sarena! Darn it, I have yet to roast a pumpkin myself. I need to get on that. I don't know if I've ever had fresh roasted pumpkin actually. Hmm.....

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