Monday, January 9, 2012
Kale Chips and Wings
Oh Monday, we meet again. I miss my sleeping in already. I got my rear out of bed today at 5:45am  to workout which felt pretty wrong after sleeping in until 8am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday. What a treat it was to actually sleep that late! Today...not so much... 

Speaking of the weekend, it was full of cleaning, resting, documentaries (I'll share more on those later) and family time. I wish I had a little more time to do a little bit more, but really I'm always looking for more time. I really don't ever think there is enough. We did have our fun family dinner night on Friday...

Kale chips are to me what hot wings are to Tony...

I love the crunchy mess they are to eat. It gets everywhere! Max and I have been waiting all week for our snack night dinner so when Friday night came, it was time for kale chips!

I sprinkled these with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. 

Max and I ate the whole batch in one sitting! I have no shame...

I also roasted peppers and carrots and served all of this with socca crackers, fresh mozzarella (nutritional yeast for me) and roasted chicken for the guys. It's been too long since our hors d' oeurves dinner. So much fun and so delicious!

Tony got his wings on Saturday. We rarely go out for dinner, but we decided that after cleaning the house all day and doing other odds and ends that a treat out was just what we all needed. It was a blast with the boys. I also scored some great workout clothes at TJMaxx! Love that place for great prices on workout clothes (which also happen to be work clothes). 

I'm not especially looking forward to this week...I have to get my driver's license renewed and I have to get my car tags renewed. Yeah, be jealous now. I also threw a fit like a two year old because the online system told me that I can't renew my license online and that I have to go to the customer service facility. Now that sounds like fun, right! I will try to put my positive foot forward and hope to at least get some good people watching out of it. 

Are you looking forward to anything this week? Give me something good!

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