Monday, January 23, 2012

My weekend festivities started off with doing my first tour of a grocery store. It was actually The Natural Food Warehouse close to my house and the store is amazing! I met someone at the gym that wants help with finding natural foods and learning how to use them! Obviously, as you all know, that is so my thing! Nothing like using that education right away! Anyway, it was so much fun talking to someone face to face that really wanted to learn more about good natural food! I'm looking forward to our cooking session soon now!

This weekend went faster than normal since I had to work on Saturday. I did not have to cook since Tony had made a huge crockpot of ham and black eyed peas for him and the boys Thursday, so when I got home, it was all about rest and relaxation. I opted for some leftovers overs my own though. 

You see, we had a visitor arrive last week from Stuft Mama...

it only seemed right to make a meal that would make Flat Kitty feel welcome! Keep Your Hands Off Mama's Spicy Spinach and Chicken (and Peppers) Enchiladas were on the menu. These are so good and easy to make! Seriously, you have to make them! I was so happy the boys LOVED them too! I grilled orange peppers and chicken for ours since mine were spinach and peppers. The changes I made were adding grilled peppers (to both the chicken and vegetarian varieties), cheese to the boys (not the yogurt dip - I did not have any) and I used a mix of tomato sauce and fresh salsa for the sauce (I did not have the soup that Mama calls for). I was so nervous the boys would not like them since I was bold and went with the spinach and peppers, but they devoured them! They've already asked them to be in the rotation of eats! Thanks Stuft Mama for sharing your super awesome kitty and your super awesome enchiladas!

I covered mine in jalapenos, nutritional yeast and an over easy egg. I had to get my Bs! Loved the egg over it. Since there was no cheese, this gave me that creamy topping that I was missing!

In all seriousness about the Flat Kitty, this cat is a so awesome...a semi hairless cat! Tony wants the real one so badly! Thank you Kristin for sharing him with us!

Today is a mad dash to class for me. I get to make out with a dummy and I'm not referring to Tony either. CPR and AED class for my certification to be complete! Have a great one Monday!

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