Thursday, December 1, 2011
Placing Judgement Is Just Wrong...
I have to get something off my chest. I'm warning you now, if you don't want to hear a rant, you are welcome to come back next time for my usual chipper self. As for now, this is the new me that has to speak her mind...

So, the other day, someone posted a picture of Nigela Lawson and Gillian McKeith on facebook with a caption asking which one you would rather look like. Along with this was a description stating that they were both 50, one eats whatever she wants (voluptuous) while the other is a vegetarian (let's just say not voluptuous). Obviously, most people said they wanted to look like Nigela and blasted Gillian for her looks. What I haven't mentioned yet is that Nigella was glammed up for an event while Gillian was doing some reality show in the jungle and not made up at all. I have a few gripes about this "picture"...

First off, shame on them for comparing peoples' looks like that. If you flipped who was fixed up, you would probably have a different opinion, but above and beyond anything... how can you be so rude as to make a judgement based on someone's looks? Did your mom not teach you anything?

Next, you are comparing apples to oranges or as Tony put it apples to melons. Really, these are two completely different people and you know nothing about their health. You are assuming that Nigella is healthier because she is fuller while Gillian is sickly because she is smaller. Did you look at their parents? This could be genetic!

As far as the blasts on vegetarians go, I'm just tired of it. 

Does it really matter if vegetarians choose to not eat meat? NO

Are they hurting omnivores by not eating meat? NO! In fact they're leaving more for omnivores to eat. 

Are they hurting themselves by not eating meat? NO! 

For those interested, a well rounded diet with the essential macronutrients along with vitamins and minerals is what we need...NOT MEAT! 

I should also add that my family eats meat. I buy and prepare meat for them. I am a classically trained chef and am not afraid of cooking or serving meat, I just choose to not eat it for my own PERSONAL reasons. 

I'm thankful that we can all eat the way we want to. I understand there is a flow to life and I do believe that we were meant to eat protein, but for some of us, that doesn't mean meat. I love having this conversation with Tony. He is always the first one to defend my food choices even though they aren't exactly like his... and we're both healthy!

One last thing for the record, I hate broad generalizations on people. It's wrong and rude. Try to understand someone else before you place judgement and leave your opinions to yourself. Besides, judging someone for their looks is just beyond wrong.

End rant... regular blogging will resume shortly! Thanks for listening. 


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