Monday, November 14, 2011
Random Weekend...
Talk about being all over the place, gah, I feel scattered. I'm trying to take a minute and focus. My stomach is finally better, but I have a hint of the throat stuff the boys are just now getting over. I'm thinking about starting a regiment of apple cider vinegar. The Pure2Raw Twins have been talking about the glories of this beverage and then a friend of mine mentioned it yesterday. I think it's time for a good cleanse!

Saturday was a work day. I didn't mind though, I got a lot of studying done! Tony made a crockpot vegetable soup much like this one and it was so good topped with chili paste! I love coming home to dinner already made for me!

Sunday we went on a little adventure! First, I had a hot date with my man at the gym! That was the first time I had a workout buddy and it was so much fun! Normally I workout solo, but I'll tell you, going with someone is so much more fun! After that, we got a rear ends home and cleaned up to go out! A college friend of mine and Tony's came into town so we met up for lunch. Tony has wanted to take the boys to Holeman & Finch for years and we finally got the chance to go! They were in heaven! For those of you that don't live in Atlanta or don't watch The Cooking Channel, this place is known for it's burger...

It's actually a special thing that's normally only served on weekdays at 10pm (I think there are only 24 made at that time) and on Sundays at brunch. They make everything from scratch (including the bread, ketchup and pickles) and when you eat them, apparently it's a moment. If I ate meat, I'm sure it would be heavenly. The other reason Tony has wanted to take the boys was to show them his design work. He did the identity design work for Holemen & Finch and his work is everywhere.

branded in the furniture...

stamped on the table coverings (I LOVE the bread company's logo!)...

Drinks are a must at Holeman & Finch! It doesn't get any better than this! 

This was a special treat created for Tony...

There food is incredibly fresh and full of flavor!

Bacon caramel popcorn is what my boys call a perfect dessert!

It was a great visit at such an incredible location! 

Have you ever tried drinking apple cider vinegar? I'm not so much afraid of it, but I don't have the organic stuff and I feel a little weird about drinking the stuff from the store. 

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