Monday, October 3, 2011
Could you find your way out of a maze?
This weekend was packed full! I was so happy to get my husband back! I will explain more about that trip when he gets all of his thoughts together on it. It was a strange trip of a lifetime!

I spent Friday night at a freezing cold foot ball game watching Jay play his trumpet with the band. It was so weird being on that side of the game. I'm used to being in the band...not the mom watching the band. It was Homecoming and they asked the 8th graders to play with them! He had so much fun. Even though it was freezing, I loved the cooler temps!

Then I got to see one of my sisters on Saturday (there are 4 girls in my family)! It was November when I saw her last. Unfortunately, it never seems like enough time with her. She was in town for a friend's wedding, so we got to hang for a little bit while every one got ready for the festivities of the evening!

Then Sunday was a funday! We went to a corn maze with a group of our friends. This was my first time and it was kind of strange to me. You see, I'm the girl that walks out of a store at the mall and can't remember which direction I was going in the first place. I thought they would give out maps and you would try to find your way out. Not so much. I relied on everyone around me to get my sorry butt out of there. I loved walking though, so I had fun!




We had such a great time and the temperature outside was amazing! The produce was beautiful and that apple was delicious (a new variety for me Mutzu - sweet, firm, crisp...heaven) and HUGE (bigger than my hand)! The boys enjoyed some boiled peanuts and a funnel cake when we were done. It was the perfect welcome home weekend for the illustrator and a great time with friends/family!

Have you even been to a corn maze? What did you think?

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