Thursday, July 28, 2011
Times Are A Changing...

Life is definitely changing around here and I'm not just talking about Jay cutting his hair off. Yesterday was a great day for him. He is actually looking forward to today. Can you believe it...looking forward to school?!

My emotions are all over the place with him right now. He is getting so big! I went to hug him and realized that his shoulders almost meet mine! I hug him everyday, but all of a sudden, two days ago, I hugged him and he was up there with me...there was no bending down to get my arms around his body! His shoe size went up 2 sizes since Christmas! I never have a hard time with my birthdays, but realizing that I'm about to have a teenager is hitting me hard. He's my little man and he's getting all grown up on me!

To ease my mind today...I'm in the kitchen making lentil burgers. I'm thinking drink treat is in order too for the evening!

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