Thursday, June 16, 2011
It's A New Day!
Thank you all for the well wishes yesterday. I think my body is trying to get better. It's sad though because I'm not working in the office with the illustrator right now so I can stay out of the fumes to see if that helps. I'm still not done sorting through clothes and putting them away. My goal is to finish that today. I had to go to the bank yesterday, which was loads of fun since they put a 2 day hold on the checks I deposited since our account with them has been inactive for so long (it was the illustrator's account when he was a kid and then our account when we first got married, but it's a local credit union so we just stopped using the checking account). Fun stuff, but really, there's nothing you can do about it, so I'm just going with it. Alright, enough of that foot forward today!

What I'm loving lately...


I found this empty jar of White Chocolate Wonderful in the "to be recycled" part of the counter before we left Georgia.

Obviously the illustrator doesn't understand the wonderful things that an "almost" empty jar of peanut butter can do for your morning oats. I stashed it and brought it with me. I didn't even get any of this peanut butter. It was a give away from BlogHer Food and the boys devoured it in no time. They obviously loved it. In my opinion, it had a very subtle hint of white chocolate. It was really good, but I'm a huge fan of peanut butter so really it wasn't going to be wrong. It made a perfect vessel for my strawberry oats.

I love layers in food. It's such a treat with two layers meet up! The gooey peanut butter in the curves of the jar are definitely a treat!

I'm making this a good day. I know it's up to me!

What are you loving lately? Food or otherwise?

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