Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Crazy Day...Lazy Evening...
Yesterday was filled to the very end. The boys' cousins spent the night so there was lots of activity for most of the day. Fried chicken was made along with mashed potatoes and grilled squash and zucchini. Lunch was a feast!

Then I needed to get to work on my cookies. I will be sharing them with you in a couple of days. I'm trying to get them just right! I'm not being all mysterious either, trust me, I'm going to need all of your help when I finally post them! Here's a sneak peak...

Last night was a lot of fun. The illustrator, the boys and I went to the lake for an evening swim. I had an amazingly fresh and crisp cucumber salad with fresh salsa and an over easy egg! Definitely a good compliment to all the cookie tasting! I know I keep showing some version of vegetables with an over easy egg lately, but really the egg makes the perfect dressing and salads are the best summer time meal, in my opinion. Remember, with the seasonal food challenge, I gave them up for 6 months! I will eat them all day everyday now that I can. 

Then we headed here (also known as the back yard)...

This is my in-laws' place, I'm just lucky enough to be hanging out here for a while. 

It has rained so much that the water is over the dock... 

Consequently, the water is also a little chilly for my liking. I was in the water for a little bit, but seriously, I was freezing my booty off. After I got out, the illustrator started teaching the boys how to dive. That was some incredible entertainment! Seriously, who needs tv when you can watch that? Max picked it up really quickly. Jay is getting there. Max has no fear though and Jay is like me...always worried about the unknown. It was an amazing evening!

This morning, I'm off to pick blackberries with my father-in-law! I see a cobbler in my future!

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