Tuesday, June 7, 2011
And We're Back!
Good morning my friends! I have missed you all so much! It's funny, when I'm gone for days with no internet service, I feel like I'm missing my friends! It's not easy not having internet for 5 days. I think the convention center has some sort of blocker for phones so you have to pay for internet there. Oh well, I guess it was better that I could focus and help the illustrator out while I was there. I had hoped to meet up with the twins, but sadly by the time we got communication, I was about to leave to come home. Next time though for sure! It was a great weekend for the illustrator and we had a great time with our friends. By great time, read fun with major lack of sleep! We all act like a bunch of kids, trapped in adults bodies. Unfortunately, the adult bodies start to revolt after a few nights of going to bed at 3am and getting up at 7am!

Now, I am back home and it's time to get back to work. I have a few recipes to develop and the illustrator is slammed still, but we are slowly getting back into the swing of things.

I do have an announcement to make that I need to share with you all...our family has decided to move! We are taking the plunge and moving to Tennessee. Since we are in the position to work where ever we want to, we are moving to a place that will be able to buy some land and live a more off the grid. We are moving close to Tony's family too, which is so nice for the kids and us! Their cousins are close to their age and we all want to be closer to them. So, it's finally the right time! This will be a process so there will be times when I won't be around as much, but I am going to try to make things continue to run smoothly. I have a great guest post coming tomorrow for you guys! If anyone else would like to do a guest post to share your story or  a recipe that you love, email me at sarena (at) thenondairyqueen (dot) com. I would love to share here!

On that note, I am off to eat some oats, workout, then run errands to start packing stuff! Happy Tuesday!


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