Wednesday, June 15, 2011
All Over The Place...
I feel like I'm finally getting caught up on some things, but I'm still all over the place with others. We have internet, which is a huge part of what the illustrator and I do, so it is a lifeline for work.

I have to admit, I'm not feeling great right now. I think the fumes from the paint are getting to me. My glands are HUGE and my throat has hurt since Monday. I'm not sure if that's from the paint (let's just say it was not low VOC paint - sorry environment, it was given to us and what can I say, I'm kind of cheap, however I won't make that mistake again) or exhaustion from moving and lack of sleep or a combination of both? Oh well, I'm going to load up on good stuff today. There will be lots of water along with fruits and veggies today! Not that it's different from any other day, but it's the thought that counts.

I feel like I'm reliving all of this piece by piece...Saturday was a bear, to say the least. It took us so much longer to get out of Atlanta than we had hoped. Then we got on the road where there was tons of traffic and some rain. The cats hated the drive. They were crying most of the way, so that was fun. Luke pooped in the carrier and guess who the lucky girl was in that car? Yep, this girl. Luckily, when we got to Tennessee, we had a lot of help unloading the trailer. It was amazing how fast the guys unloaded the trailer. I was so thankful for that since it took us all day to get the thing loaded with just two of us. That's a major perk to moving close to family!

I am way off my routine, but I know I will get there. I did finally get in a workout. Honestly, even though it doesn't sound like me, it was smart for me to take Friday through Monday off. I'm a schedule girl, but with moving on Friday and Saturday, then painting all day on Sunday, my body was screaming for a rest day. Then I decided to tackle Julian Michaels' Shred yesterday. Dang that woman worked me. I LOVED it! I did level 1 and 2...I was screaming for mercy at the end. It felt so good! I loved the circuits and how she uses multiple muscle groups at once so your heart rate really gets up there. Now I want to get more fun workouts! Thank you all for the suggestions the other day. I will definitely look into getting more of them. I'm really liking changing things up. It uses different muscles and keeps things interesting!

My eats have been completely random. I haven't cooked since last Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm starting to get a little crazy with the lack of being in the kitchen. I'm going to try to fix that little scenario today. I have been enjoying some amazing food from my father-in-laws garden though. 

There is nothing better than fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, squash, potatoes and onions from a home garden!

I packed the last of my baked cauliflower falafel to bring with me to go on my salads. I like toasting them up to make them nice and crispy! Sadly, they are all gone now. Another thing I need to fix!

I needed cantaloup so badly the other day and had no problem eating it straight from nature's bowl. This was amazingly sweet, juicy and delicious! Perfect for hydration and fuel, if you ask me.

So, today has begun. I need to get my booty moving if I'm ever going to finish the tasks I need to. 

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