Friday, April 15, 2011
The Deal With Bacon...

I swear, for someone that doesn't eat it, I cook more bacon than anyone I know. That is what we call love people! So, the deal is, breakfast for dinner...if I cook bacon, I get waffles or pancakes. The boys had hash browns, bacon and over easy eggs.

I realized last night that my sweet tooth is broken. Seriously, I used to jump at the thought of making pancakes smothered in fruit and peanut butter or strawberries and coconut cream. Now, I want savory.

I made huge stack of toasted waffles with oats, chickpea flour and nutritional yeast...who am I? Last nights dinner was delicious and I was happy I chose savory! Accompanied it the waffles with sauteed peppers and onions along with a huge egg white omelet, I was in heaven!

There was another request here last night...bacon popcorn. If there are bacon drippings left, the boys always ask for popcorn made with it. For the bacon lovers out there, just replace the oil in the stovetop method with the drippings and cook it as the directions instruct you.

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