Thursday, April 14, 2011
Ballet Strength Training and Bread...
I got a great workout in despite how tired I was this morning. I did a high energy circuit workout (which really got my heart rate up due to me being so tired) and then I did ballet strength training with Jennifer Gilardi. I've found that I really like this kind of workout, especially on the days that I am kind of sore/sleepy from the day before. I think the ballet strength is a lot like core fusion since it's using long movements that you hold. It also has some weights in it, but it's not heavy, however it really works you though.

I decided to bake off some breads too. I did my usual gluten free bread and I decided to try my roll recipe as bread for ease of preparation. We had sandwiches/salads with the breads I baked. I have gotten to the point where I really enjoy baking bread. I realize that it won't always be perfect, but really as long as you have a great texture and flavor, nothing beats homemade bread. Oh and the added bonus is that your house smells incredible!

The gluten free loaf turned out perfectly and I had that with spinach and an over easy egg.

The whole wheat loaf I baked using my roll recipe looked like it had a comb over. It is U-G-L-Y, but tasty. 

I may or may not have let it over proof. I was running errands between the proofing and baking of the breads. It works perfectly for rolls and well, it worked enough for this loaf. I baked it at 425 degrees for about 25 minutes. 

Luckily, I love the crust part of bread, this just gave me extra!

No worries, nothing a little peanut butter can't help out!

If you look closely, the mushroom comb over gave an extra nook for peanut butter! 

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