Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Mellow Yellow...
Today is crazy, the illustrator is getting ready for a convention so I have been running errands and doing things to generally help him out. I hope to make a small batch of con cookies for him a little later to take on the plane and hopefully we will get some relaxation this evening. Honestly this past month has been way too stressful. I am hoping this will all lead to calmer times soon!

My lunches seem to be pretty repetitive and very mellow yellow lately. I'm thinking my sub conscience is trying to tell me something...

Two days in a row I have been loving on some steamed cauliflower, fresh spinach, over easy eggs and today I got crazy and added roasted yellow pepper with spicy brown mustard! Ya gotta love getting your B's in! Seriously, the combination of the egg yolk and the good.

After some bartering yesterday (I have to cook bacon if I want pancakes or waffles for dinner) I got to have my pancakes!

These are very caky pancakes piled high with blackberries (freshly picked last summer by my father-in-law) and smothered in peanut butter sauce (just a little peanut butter mixed with a little almond milk and heated for a few seconds)!

Pancakes make me happy! You all knew I had to celebrate National Pancake Day...I accidentally celebrated National Peanut Butter day too, but really that happens ever day here.

Did you you even care? If not, what did you eat last night? Seems weird, but I need some new ideas.

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