Monday, March 21, 2011
Getting Caught Up and Repeats...
I'm finally getting caught up on some paper work today. Just so you know, I'm the worst at keeping papers under control. I am the paper person in the house. Anything that comes in goes to me. That means I have to sort, pay, file and recycle EVERYTHING! With two kids, a house to run and business stuff...that's a lot of paper! Let's just say it will always be a work in progress! 

For lunch today, I had chili with the last of my spinach on top and some carrots. I'm telling you, pinto bean chili is the "bees knees". The illustrator thought this was a weird combination. I told him I would have friends that would back my on this (you know who you are!)...this was so good. I just saved myself from having to wash another dish by putting my salad on top. Trust me, that's not weird, Max had chili for breakfast. I've had chili omelets, but straight up, no. Although, that is not the weirdest thing he did this weekend. He was loads of entertainment on Saturday walking around in a plastic bag. He wore the drawstrings as straps to the outfit. Let's just say this was his way of entertaining himself while cleaning. I would have put a picture on here, but you could see his underwear (thank God for boxer briefs) and he's 10...that would not be "cool". He's going to be the kid that out drinks the rest of them in college...PLEASE HELP ME! I love him and he is a character...I will leave it at that.

Tonight was salmon patty night with mashed potatoes and cauliflower. Sometimes, I just give them what they want. Don't blame me for the less that glamorous colors. My lunch was colorful...the 1950's dinner...not so much. Oh well, they love it and I can't argue with that. 

Sorry about doing oldies, but sometimes you want some favorite repeats! I am finally typing up new recipes to share. The carmel pastry cream is definitely one to make again! It is so easy and so good. I hope everyone has a good night!

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