Thursday, March 24, 2011
Cupcake Metaphor...
I feel like this cupcake is a metaphor for my life right now...

I know...over dramatic, but hey, that's my mood today.

After our discussion of over coming some fears in the kitchen, I decided to be bold and try to tackle my cupcake issues. Yes, I have issues with cupcakes. Namely gluten free cupcakes. Mine never rise like I want them to. Well they did today! That's one thing checked off of my list of cupcake accomplishments. I heard cupcakes are out, but really how can they be out? It's a cupcake for goodness sake. I'm a fan of the cupcake while the illustrator is more of a cake fan. I like single serve things and crusty exteriors while he likes the soft doughy insides of breads and cakes. It's all a preference...much like the flavors/textures of gluten free cakes.

Anyway, back to how this is a metaphor for my life right now, well it looks good and tastes good, but there is something that needs to change...

The flavor of the cupcake is good, but not great. I suspect my flour combination. No worries though, I will take one for the team here. Practice makes perfect, again another metaphor for my life right now...

I think I need to keep trying! Oh and did I mention I think I need a program for my addiction to seven minute icing!

This is in no way a negative post, I'm just in thought over load these days. Mind you, playing with cupcakes is not what I'm supposed to be doing right now. I need to finish up book keeping stuff. Oh well, it was a tasty distraction.

I need ideas for flavor combinations. Max watched cupcake wars the other day and now he is on cupcake mode. I'm happy to play his game, but I need some ideas!

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