Sunday, March 20, 2011
Brown Food...
This has been a rather strange weekend. We had grand plans for yard work and house cleaning, I know hold your excitement. Well, we decided to clean the house on Saturday because Sunday looked like a better day to be outside. Um, yeah, we chose wrong. The weather was gorgeous on Saturday, we opened the windows and literally scrubbed the house from top to bottom. I even scrubbed the baseboards. It was definitely a spring cleaning and it felt so good. We also had to pull out some steel wool to work on the silverware and a few pots that were needing some special attention. The kids cleaned out clothes they have outgrown for us to donate. We even cleaned the dishwasher. It seemed to be having a little trouble getting things clean, so I read a few sites and instead of bleach, I put a coffee cup full of vinegar in the wrack (face up and full) and ran it though a sanitizing cycle. Then we got the scrub brush and really cleaned it out with baking soda. It worked so well! The dishes are coming out squeaky clean again. I had no idea vinegar would work like that. I'm going to start running a cup in there more often.

Anyway, well today I had ants in my pants. The house is clean and the weather was not warm enough for me to wash the car and with the wind and the possibility of rain, the illustrator did not get to work on the yard. So, I worked on cleaning more pots, washed bedding and then I baked.

I get stir crazy when I don't bake anything for days. With the house all clean, I needed the smells of fresh baked goodies coming from the oven. I have fallen in love with baking bread. It is probably one of the most satisfying things for me to have come out of the oven.

My peanut butter and apple jelly sandwich has a tongue.

The boys had grilled cheese.

Once I pulled the pictures off the camera, I realized the color theme of this post is brown...not so pretty. Pretty tasty though!

 This is our St. Patrick's Day gluten free fish n' chips! I will share this one this week.

I also made mini pavlovas with caramel pudding...

or banana cream pie...your choice. These were so good, but really ugly. I love the creamy crunchy good! The caramel pudding is knock your socks off good! I had to step away from the bowl.

I did make a huge batch of chili today for fun leftovers. I like starting the week with a big batch of something to keep us going for a while during the week for dinners or lunches.

I covered mine in nutritional yeast...which was delicious and then polished off the orange honey cream ice cream that I realized I still haven't shared yet. I have a lot of recipes that I will be posting this week. The fish and chips was a huge hit with the boys and way easier than I thought it would be.

Now, it's after 7:00pm and I am still in my pjs. I have to make beds, shower and then it is time to chillax as Max would say. 

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