Saturday, February 19, 2011
Thank Goodness For Sunshine!
I have given in, but not given up. I decided to take the antibiotics I was prescribed since things are still kinda crazy in my belly. However, I do believe the best medicine I have gotten today was the sunshine and the hanging out time with my family. It has been absolutely beautiful here! We were supposed to go out to dinner with friends, but unfortunately our friends' baby had some stomach issues last night, so we postponed it until next week. Hopefully everyone will be 100% next week! When we got the call, we threw open the windows and started scrubbing the house. Our house is not so messy that it takes all day to clean, I have just taken my time and cleaned a little all day. It feels great to be sitting here with a clean house and fresh air! I am still in my pjs...I plan to shower in a minute and then go make fried rice. Ginger and sesame oil are supposed to be great for the belly! I plan to eat a ton of it!

The illustrator made me an incredible omelet for lunch today. I think this may be my favorite combination...bean sprouts and hummus (I used oven roasted garlic in it this time). The creamy garlicky hummus goes so well with the crispy sprouts...perfection! Also, have you noticed that things just taste better when someone that loves you makes them? I don't know why, but this omelet just tasted so much better than when I make them. 

Since the smells were so springy today, I decided to throw a little lemony cake in the oven. 

The recipe is not quite there, but it went perfectly with our tea time outside. 

I kind of just threw a few things together I had around so we could have a treat this afternoon. 

The illustrator called this cobbler cake. If you like texture (which I do) this had all three for a treat...the bottom was cakey, the middle was gooey and the top was crispy. I'm just not sure most people would be in to all three in the same cake. So, I will work on it.

We sat on the patio with our treat and tea this afternoon...this was really the kind of day I needed. 

I hope everyone got to enjoy today too!

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