Thursday, February 24, 2011
Loving Potatoes!
Sounds like most of us were awkward growing up. Luckily, all of us were so we all fit in just fine! Speaking of awkward, I took Max to the talent show rehearsal last night (he is performing with the chorus on Friday) and I was blown away by the guts these kids have. Dang, they got up there and sang, danced or played the piano like you would not believe. I won't lie, there were some comical moments, but even with those, I was impressed with them being able to get out in front of a group of people like that!

Since things are kind of crazy around here with rehearsals and the illustrator getting ready for a convention in Seattle in a week, our eats have been pretty simple. I threw some baked potatoes in the oven last night and loaded it up with hummus and sauteed mushrooms.


Tonight, I made a huge crockpot of my veggie sauce (the the boys say tastes like it has meat in's because of the mushrooms) that I loaded up another baked potato.

This one was loaded with pasta sauce and humnut sauce that I saw forever ago on Heather's site. Seriously, why have I waited so long?  I thought about licking the bowl...

I have to go now...the kids are asking the illustrator when the first time he kissed a girl was! I gotta here this!

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