Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Easy Eats For Others...
I started this morning off bright and early with a great workout! I did my kickboxing and some killer Core Fusion for my thighs. This is the point where I realized something...I have successfully caught the stomach bug the boys had. Lucky me. I know you are all jealous. I have not felt like eating anything fun today. However, I have made some good stuff for the boys, so I figured I would share a couple of those eats with you...

They wanted pancakes, so that was easy! I used my easy pancake recipe...I don't think I will ever buy a mix again. These are just too simple and with no chemicals.

I am absolutely making these when I feel better!

Chicken pot pie was the order for tonight with all the leftovers from last night.

Because I made it with leftovers, it came together in 10 minutes! I will share my method with you tomorrow since it is more of a method than a recipe. It is great to use things that are already made and change them up (or stretch them out to save some money) for the next meal.

I am not complaining that we have all been a little sick lately because I would rather have the funky little stomach bug than a cold or the flu. I am just ready for feel good weather and some energy. Oh well, just a couple more months to go. It could always be worse. 

Here's a question for you...would you rather have a cold or a minor stomach bug?

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