Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Totally Random Snow Day...
I woke up late today and it is so cold out. It is weird for Atlanta to be like this. I know most people think we are crazy when it comes to snow, but while we have pretty snow, we have a lot of ice out there too. So, no school today. I am hoping to get a workout in before I have to get some things done today. I am not going to lie to you, yesterday was just weird. The kids had a snow day, but we still had things to get done. The illustrator got a few things done, but Jay wasn't feeling well and Max decided to have an altercation with the pavement while playing outside. I am not normally a stressed out mom, but the look of his face when he first walked in the door freaked me out. His left cheek is swollen and I am pretty sure he is going to have a black eye from this. He is fine though, but face/head injuries always freak me out.

Rewind a little...we had people over on Sunday evening. Oh, and thank you for all the suggestions on salads for that night, but the menu changed 3 times before we even got to the store, so no salad was necessary. It was such a great night hanging out with the illustrator's friends from high school. Come to find out, one of them literally lives 5 minutes from us. So, we will definitely be getting together again soon.

We finally decided on a nice meal of oven roasted pulled pork, seasoned green beans and rosemary oven roasted potatoes (Ina Garten style). We saw this method on her London episode and we both wanted to try it. I really liked the potatoes, but we roasted them at a lower temperature with the meat and next time I will do it at a higher temperature to roast them a little faster. They were a little crispy on the top of the fans and buttery soft on the bottom...so good! Yukon gold potatoes really are the best...thanks to Jay, that is our go to potato. Those and the little red potatoes are the only ones he will eat.

Friday night we had stewed greens. This is a recipe I had on new year's day (the one that is going to make me and Max rich this year since I think Max and I had the whole pot that night) and we loved it!

Max actually made me promise to make it on Friday. He helped me make this from start to finish and anxiously awaited it to be done. He is the craziest 9 year old (almost 10 - I can't believe that) I have ever met when it comes to food. Seriously, I was gagging at greens when I was a kid...literally, I have some pretty gross stories! When my granny reads this she is going to be so proud of Max and I!

The greens made a perfect lunch combination yesterday with my spaghetti squash. I guess I have completely turned in cold salads for hot salads at this point. Nutritional yeast is all over it too! I have also noticed that I am not drinking nearly as much ice water, but I have been constantly chugging hot camomile tea. I guess I am at least getting my fluids in.

The snow out is so pretty to look at, but with temps staying at freezing, the snow being the worst kind for playing (I am sure they will still try) and the street outside our neighborhood looking like this...I think I will stay in with my warm tea today and hopefully get a little work done and hopefully get some reading by the fire done.

Oh and a good friend of mine is in labor today. She made it to the hospital last night, but had to call an ambulance to come get her from home due to the ice. Please say a little prayer for her that all goes well. Thank you!

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