Thursday, January 20, 2011
Camomile Ginger Tea For My Tummy
I went to the store today to get this. Um, yeah, I got Jay's stomach bug. It's not that it is a bad one, but it is enough to make you feel off. Camomile tea with fresh ginger totally hits the spot to soothe the belly. 

I got up at 5:50am to work out and get Max to school early. Then had enough time to vacuum before I took Jay to school. I felt like I was getting all this stuff done and then...I hit a wall. Seriously, it was only 9am! Oh well, at least my appetite is not gone. So, I am filling it like crazy!

HEAB mentioned carrots first thing this morning, so I had to have carrots today. Does that happen to you? Someone mention something to eat and then you have to have it. Yes, I did put hot sauce on my spinach carrot salad while I had a sour stomach. Don't judge, I like the flavor and this one is not really that hot or my taste buds can just take it...either way, it was delicious!

I had the heal of the bread I made Monday all toasted up like a big crouton.

Then HEAB emailed me and mentioned this...I had to make! My version is peanut butter with a schmear of chocolate peanut butter (more on that soon), a drizzle of warm peanut butter and chocolate chips! I will share more details tomorrow. This was such a treat, but good for you!

While this has nothing to do with anything I just posted don't walk and get quinoa flour.  I love this stuff! If you like the flavor of quinoa, you will love this too! I made my savory waffles with it tonight (instead of garbanzo fava) and I used it yesterday in a recipe I am developing for a client...what a great product!

Ok, now, I am off to chill out in some comfy pants and hopefully get some rest. I hope that full moon is gone! He is not playing nice these days with my sandman!

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