Thursday, December 30, 2010
Peanuts...Get Your Fresh Roasted Peanuts!
Schedule? I don't even know what a schedule is anymore. I have gotten up the past couple of days to work out, which is so much better for me than later in the day, but I still can't seem to get things done like I want to. Why do we have to sleep? I know I could get so much more done if only I did not have to sleep!

Since I took a little time off from working out when I was gone for Christmas, I decided to change things up a little and focus on different workouts for this week. I LOVE Core Fusion and I really wanted to do some relaxing muscle toning. I have done that the past 3 days and I am sore in places I didn't even know I used. For those of you out there that don't want to do a lot of weights (or can't) I highly recommend Core Fusion. It is the perfect combination of strength training and stretching. 

I haven't been cooking feasts here lately since we are really just going with the flow, but I knew I had to start doing something with those peanuts my grandmother sent me. The house smelled incredible yesterday with all the roasting and boiling of peanuts. I remember my grandfather boiling peanuts in a cauldron in his field when I was growing up. I cooked mine on the stove, but imagined I was in the field running around with my cousin and sister shooting BB guns and acting like crazy kids. Those were the days...

Really there was no recipe here. I took a lot of peanuts, covered them in water, added sea salt and boiled them for about 4 hours. YUM! Just like grandaddy!

Next up was roasting! Ok, so I over cooked them. Oops, but I plan to fix that by making chocolate peanut butter!

I figure that will only add to the roasted goodness. They aren't horribly over cooked, just enough to need a little sugar added to them. I roasted them for about 30 minutes, but really they only needed about 20. So, next time, I will do 350 degrees for 20 minutes. I will let you know how the chocolate peanut butter turns out. 

I am hoping to get my pictures from Tony soon from Christmas. I got a ton of kitchen gadgets from my mother-in-law and I am ready to put them in action. She even gave me an old school doughnut maker! I can't tell you the last time I had a doughnut...I can't wait! Do you have a favorite doughnut? I am an old fashioned kind of gal. I love a cake doughnut with a hint of nutmeg...ok, time to make the doughnuts!

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