Friday, December 10, 2010
Burned Popcorn And A Toad In The Hole!
Honestly, this week has been crazy. I can't believe it is Friday night.  I could really use one more day. I feel like everything is a blur. The boys both had concerts, extra practices, testing, parties and homework. We decorated the tree (I will post pictures soon since my grandmother has asked to see them), I have popped enough popcorn to feed a small village or my family and the entire 7th grade (Jay requested it for the 7th grade holiday party), I have burned a quadruple batch of said popcorn, work has been done, writing has been done, pictures have taken forever to upload, some Christmas shopping has been done and (some) laundry has been washed (yes, it is still waiting to be folded). 

I decided to make meals easy since things were so crazy. I also like to have a little fun with it since stress can be high for the boys on crazy days.

I introduced Jay to a "toad in the hole" this week. Max has been doing this for a while now, but Jay has just discovered his love of running eggs and toast.

(Have you ever done this...others call it an egg in a basket, a birds nest...what do you call it? The British refer to sausage baked in yorkshire pudding as A Toad In The Hole. Whatever you call is yummy!)

He thought this was a perfect way to enjoy it and I have to agree with him.

So, I burned a quadruple batch of caramel popcorn. That kind of stuff happens to me every time I try to do something faster. If you look closely, you will see it. I was about to throw it in the trash when I realized...

half of it was like brittle.  I accidentally made popcorn brittle!  Don't ask me how or to repeat it, but look at that perfectly bruleed candy!

I am glad it wasn't a total loss, but I was pretty mad when I realized it was burning. My guess is that since it was more sugar in the pot, it needed to cook a little longer so it would thicken and stick to the popcorn instead of run to the bottom of the pan. Oh well, it was fine in the end, but frustrating since I was on limited time last night. 

While I am confessing, I just burned some sweet potato fries in the microwave that I was trying to heat up from the other night. Tony has just told me that one more thing burns and I am banned from the kitchen. My guess is that will last until he is looking for sausage balls for movie night tomorrow with the boys!

I am hoping to find some time to organize myself this weekend. What is every one else doing!

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