Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Waffle Pizzas and Hemp Fudge!
Strange title, but fun meal!

Thank you for all of the kind words for the boys! It must have helped because both are better. Not completely done with the funk, but on their way for sure.

Tony and I were asked by them to please be at the video store this morning when it opened to rent a new game that is wanted by all today, so we were nice parents and did so. It is a game that all three of the boys play together (the only game Tony ever plays and he does it for bonding time) so it was an event tonight. We rented the game and then walked at the park. It was oddly beautiful today. Does it ever freak you out when the weather is prettier than it should be? It does me. The sun was bright and there was a slight breeze. It was beautiful!

Let's talk about the random leftovers in my fridge right now, well, the ones that were there before I went crazy. The random makings for more noodle soup, pasta sauce (on it's last leg), mushrooms (that needed to be used or were compost), Daiya cheese that I opened 8 days ago (that says to eat within 7...yeah, I live on the wild side) and well, I am sure there is more, but this is what I could see for now.

Have I mentioned that I have been craving pizza lately...

Have I mentioned how much I love of savory waffles???

Enter, waffle pizza!

Yep, I have officially lost my mind or discovered that you can make anything out of waffles!

My after dinner treat...

Yep, I walk on the wild side...again...hemp fudge!

I made it with the samples of Manitoba Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder I received (Thanks Manitoba!) and it was so good!  You would never know it is good for you!

When I do this kind of stuff with food, I question what most people will think of me. The boys think it's pretty awesome that I would put most of the things I do on waffles, but I think my mom would look at me like I am crazy.

Did your parents ever make strange foods for you as a kid to make eating more fun?

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