Monday, November 8, 2010
Asian Noodle Soup For My Sick Boys...

Today, my kids are sick. They are both home with the funk.

So, tonight is a soup night.

It's an Asian Noodle Soup night.

These noodles, are perfect!  You would have no idea that they are gluten free!

Build Your Own Asian Noodle Soup

11 cups Not Chick'n Bouillon made per directions ('cause they are the best)
1 16oz bag Japanese style vegetables
2 cups peas and carrots (so Jay will eat it)

Heat all of this together while you cook pasta...

1 package Hodgson Mill Brown Rice Spaghetti (cooked according to package directions)
2 tsp sesame oil (key ingredient!!!)

Mix these together after you drain the cooked pasta...

Build your bowl with these add ins...

Thinly sliced chicken (optional)
Scrambled Egg (I had this and it was so good on there!)
1 bag of cabbage slaw (I throw this in as a crunchy topping)
Sriracha Sauce (perfect topping)

I assembled my bowl and Max took it over...he wanted the pretty bowl with my chopsticks!  A mother's love is all I can say to that. I got mine much later, so the pictures are horrible. I miss my hour. I did not enjoy the extra hour of sleep and I am not ready for the dark this early unless we are doing movie night.  Oh well, the soup was perfect for all my sick boys and hopefully it will heal them quickly!

What is your favorite sick food?

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