Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Recovery Day

My food has been pretty boring and definitely not fall related lately. I guess with all the running around, I really just want raw fruits and veggies. This salad totally hit the spot too!  Fresh red peppers (super cheap at Kroger woohoo), cucumbers, carrots and romaine with spicy mustard!  YUM!

We escaped the craziness today and ran errands.  As you can see, our house has become romper room, but there is an end in sight!  Leia has taken advantage of the carpet roll and made herself a nice play toy. Busted!

Luke has decided he likes the office and every time I come into the room, my chair is taken! He won't move either. I keep sitting on a little piece of the chair and he pushes against me with his feet. I think we need to work on the meaning of the word sharing.

Tomorrow is another painting day for me. I want to finish what I started and the bathroom will be the last part of this project. After that, it is time to do the little stuff, which is great to get through, but you don't really see big results quickly from that. I need to reorganize EVERYTHING and since I am a habitual stacker, I have a lot to go through. I am hoping our morning walks will come back tomorrow. I actually opted not to workout yesterday since we have done so much physically this past weekend. If you know me, you know that was hard to do, but I really felt like I needed a good rest from actually exercising. I did work out today, but I did Cathe's step, jump and pump which was a nice pace for getting my body moving without over kill. I am just ready for things to get back to normal. Making a better studio was a great thing to do because I think it has really given us a creative space to work, but now I am ready to work!

Hopefully some better stuff will be coming from my kitchen soon. I miss MY workspace! For now, I think it is Epsom Salt bath time and then relaxing with some Studio 60 on Netflix! So sad there was only one season of that show...

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