Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Pumpkin Day!

Saturday was an incredible fall day! The past 2 years now we have gone to Burt's Pumpkin Farm with our friends, Matt and Nayoung, to get our pumpkins. Then we come back to our place, eat some chili, then carve up some pumpkin creations and then eat more chili...all while I bake off the innards so I can bake up some other treats! It was a pretty warm day, but it still felt beautiful and was nice and chilly for the evening shots! Speaking of shots (not those silly), I took so many pictures that my camera told me "no more". So, I will share some that I took now and some of Nayoung's later.

The boys were given a $10 limit and Max got the biggest one he could find!

All of these pumpkins were great for carving!

I think the big boys took the longest trying to pick out their perfect pumpkins.

These are cinderella pumpkins and the sign said they are "eatable", so we got one for the illustrator's creature (which I will share tomorrow when I grab Nayoung's pictures). From what I have read, the cinderella pumpkin is a French heirloom pumpkin that makes incredible pies!  So, guess what ours will be made in to? Now I wish I would have bought more though.

Our loot!

The chili was in the crockpot waiting for us to return!

Jay's (12) creation!

Max's (9) creation!

Nayoung and I roasted the pumpkin they scraped out when they were carving.

These are the butternut squash muffins I baked while they carved. I will share that recipe later today.

We snacked on fresh veggies and fruits!

Luke apparently had a rough day and took a break from all the activity!

While I did not want the day to end, I was so excited to enjoy a cup of fresh pumpkin oats the next morning!  

Thanks Matt and Nayoung for another great pumpkin day! Tomorrow I will show all the creatures. I don't typically carve the pumpkins, do you?

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