Friday, October 8, 2010
Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Fudge Cake
I don't know where to even begin? Wednesday was a get up and go day. The illustrator and I moved everything out of our bedroom and into every open space upstairs we could find (and some downstairs).  The hallway was open and now it is a tight squeeze to get through.  The illustrator's parents came into town and now we are working on the rearranging of everything. I am on painting duty, but that starts tomorrow. I always dread painting at first, but once I get going with my ipod on (thanks to some new music suggestions from Melissa), I actually enjoy it. Crazy, I know.

Since I was on clean up duty yesterday, my job was either on or off. So, while I was waiting for my clean up call, I decided to work on a new recipe...

I never make cakes because we just don't eat that much sweet stuff, but since we have people here to help eat, I figured this would be a good opportunity to play with my recipes.

This is a gluten free dairy free chocolate fudge cake. While I want to work on it a little bit, it was a really good cake. It's a rich and fudgy cake so a little goes a long way.

I will be posting pictures of the studio when we get things together. The illustrator is so excited. Honestly, it will be a perfect space for us even if things are a little crazy now.

Now, I am off to make pancakes! I am pretty much the cook for the week, but I would be lying if I said I  don't love that part!  Have a great Friday!

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