Thursday, October 14, 2010
And it keeps going...
The project that will never end! I feel like the office/studio renovation is the Energizer Bunny and it keeps going and going...ugh! I know you all have to be tired of hearing about it, but it is pretty much all I am doing. I still have not painted the bathroom or finished organizing all the papers that are in random stacks in drawers. I made need a group for my stacking issues. Hopefully it will all be organized after it all done. If not than I really do need a group. I swear they should have a class in school that focuses on how to be organized. I know everyone does things differently so they should teach mutilple ways...ok, I will stop boring you with my issues with self discipline.

I hadn't planned on cooking dinner tonight, but I ended up doing it anyway. I cooked a massive amount of navy beans. Don't know why, but I have neglected this particular bean. I feel bad for the white bean. I will definitely make it more often since I cooked 7 cups of them and there is maybe 1 cup left. Good thing the boys all love beans since it will be all I can afford if they are going to eat like that. I swear I fed them for two hours straight tonight!

This is a BBQ Stuffed Eggplant! I will share the recipe tomorrow since it is now time to play some scrabble and watch some must see tv! I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical over how this would turn out. Not only was it delicious, but the illustrator tasted it after he started eating his meal (basically a deconstructed version of this without eggplant) and said he wished he was eating this!  

I was never a huge fan of eggplant, but it has grown on me. Is there something you didn't really like before, but have discovered you like it now?

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