Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Much Better!
Today definitely started much better than yesterday! I slept well and got my walk in!  Take that Wednesday! The air quality in Atlanta is say the least. I thought about cutting the grass, but really at 10am, it was too late. I am hoping to get it done quickly before I take my big 4th grader in to meet his teacher tomorrow. Then, in the afternoon, I am taking my 7th grader in to meet his teachers and get his books! I have noticed that the more positive we are with the boys about school (with NO pressure), the more positive they are. They got new clothes and new bags to start off on the right foot! We are ready to go!
Another great thing today...Fuji apples! Seriously, I am an apple snob. I have been trying to go with better priced organic fruits, well Braeburns were suggested to me by my sister (who thinks the same way I do about apples) and ugh, I choked those down. They were awful! I like a very firm apple. It does not have to be overly sweet. I love a good Granny Smith too, but mealy apples suck! So, this true love...made me so happy!
For lunch today, I had one of the best salad creations I have had in a long time!  Romaine lettuce, fresh cilantro, thinly sliced zucchini, carrots and Flamous Brand's Hummus Ranch Dill Dressing! The illustrator about had a heart attack when he saw how much cilantro I put on the salad. I love herbs as a major component to my salad. Full of flavor!
This dressing is very creamy with a great dill flavor! Not heavy or oily at all and it coats the salad really well!
Dessert/snack was a refreshing fruit salad! Yes, I ate the entire thing in one sitting! Apparently I needed hydration today! Maybe that crappy apple was the problem from the day before!
To balance out all the light stuff I had all day today, I made something that I have been craving for a week now!  Split Pea Soup!!! I know it is summer and hot outside, but the illustrator keeps our house like the Arctic, so soup is always in season. Oh and being that I chose not to step outside again after not being able to breathe from the air quality this morning...this hit the spot! To balance out the creamy soup, I topped it with popcorn. Yep, I am a texture girl!

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