Friday, August 27, 2010
Making Memories

We will just call this day "Max Day"!  I have a friend who works at Georgia Tech. The department she works in was doing a film and needed a 10 year old boy to play the grandson of an alumni from Georgia Tech. She thought of Max and asked if he would be interested in playing the part. He was so excited!  Ever since he played Prince Charming in the school play last year, he has really been into learning more about acting so I thought this would be a good opportunity for him to feel what it was like in front of a camera and surrounded by people he did not know. It was not a speaking part, so he had to actually act this out. This was the start of his day...riding to the location in a golf cart.  Let the fun begin!

The campus was so active with everyone moving in for the start of school!

The weather was perfect in the morning especially since it was an outside shoot!  The last time we were here was when Jay had his Lego Robotics competition.  Since Tony and I went to The Art Institute of Atlanta, we never really got a true "college" experience and we have no school preferences, but I have to say that after both of the boys have done something at Georgia Tech, they are both pretty fond of it!

While Max worked, I stayed back and let him do his thing. The director told him what he was looking for and Max got in there and did it!

Did I mention how beautiful the gardens are there?

I love Japanese maples...they are just incredible trees. I love how they change to a bright red.

This was the hat that the grandfather gave the grandson at the end of the scene.  Oh my gosh, I know I am a proud mama, but he just looked so sweet in it.  The RAT hats have a long tradition for freshmen. I don't know what came over me, but I started feeling this weird sense of my kids getting older and things for them to look forward to in the future.

After the shoot was over, Stephanie, my friend that set this all up, was nice enough to take us to lunch.  Seriously, Max was treated like a star that day and he was loving it. Stephanie was nice enough to look around for a good healthy place for us to go. She found this great place called 5 Seasons. The have a few locations around the Atlanta area and they focus on getting there food from small, local organic farms. 

Even though they brew their own beer (and have gluten free...I am so taking the illustrator there!) we stuck with water since we had been outside for hours.

Stephanie ordered a starter salad with pork belly and grilled peaches. It smelled incredible! The Georgia peaches are so delicious right now.

Max chose not to order from the kid's menu.  He has gotten weird about that lately. He wants to make it clear that he is not a little kid. So, he ordered a double mushroom, onion and rosemary flat bread pizza. They also have gluten free crust available upon request!

I thought mushrooms sounded perfect so I ordered the field green salad with grilled portabello mushroom. This shot is not so great, but the mushroom was incredibly juicy! This completely hit the spot with the mixed greens, tomato and radishes. Perfect!

Stephanie got the fish tacos with a side of black beans and rice. The service was great and the food was all fresh and tasty! I was really impressed by 5 Seasons and really can't wait to go back!

As you can see, Max had a pretty great day and I was so happy that he had the opportunity to make some memories like this. The shirt and pin he is wearing were a gift for helping out and he was so proud, he put them on before we left Georgia Tech. Now he has the acting bug...he wants more.

Do you have a day that you remember from your youth that was completely out of the ordinary and made an impression on you?

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