Tuesday, August 31, 2010
All over the place...
I don't think mother nature got my memo from yesterday...it was HOT on our walk today. Hello lady, I am ready for fall! Apparently Em is too with all her list of fall goodies she can't wait for.  Me too Em!

I ran out the door this afternoon to get to the bank and go to he store since the illustrator had a phone interview about a book he drew that is coming out in September. I figured that was the perfect time to run around like a chicken with my head cut off. It took me forever at the store because I was reading the labels of -get this-...dishwashing detergent. I know exciting right?! Oh well, everyday can't be that exciting. My dishes don't seem to be getting as clean as I would like them, so I am trying a new brand. We shall see. I know you are all on the edge of your seats! You will have to be patient...I will let you know tomorrow.

Last night was leftover night! Well, making leftovers something else. Oh, so get this, I dropped Max off at home after I picked him up from school yesterday and I headed over to get Jay. Don't get freaked out, Tony was home working (did I mention Tony's butt is starting to glue to his chair - thank goodness for morning walks). I was in the pick up line for Jay and I got a phone call. It was Max wanting to know where the mezzaluna was. Keep in mind, Tony is home and Max has called me and got to work in the kitchen on some dinner for himself. I know where this is going...he wants these...

gluten free mini corn dog muffins! I was impressed that he was starting his own dinner, but a little freaked out since he was using a knife. Luckily, it is a double sided knife so both hands have to be on it for it to work. He waited for me to get home (thank goodness), but I knew what was on the menu for him!

He tossed in the brussels sprouts (his doing, not mine) so I was happy to help out his craving. We all know that you can't fight a craving! In other news, he also rotated laundry by himself for the first time. Back off ladies, he is mine for 9 more years!

For me, I was all about the peas and carrots (and rice and chickpea patties)!

All dressed up (with cheater spicy mustard) and going straight to my belly! Perfect combo if I do say so myself!

It was a night of revelations when it comes to the boys. Max is extremely independent, while Jay would be more than happy for you to take care of him.

Oh and don't worry, I won't forget to tell you how that dishwashing detergent works!

Oh one more thing...Tony = the illustrator (I was being lazy).

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