Thursday, August 19, 2010
Adding to my collection...
Who needs a nap? Seriously, I am t-i-r-e-d tonight! When I went to bed last night, I got the beginnings of a pinched nerve in my neck. I could feel it coming on. This is going to sound strange, but ever since I was pregnant with Max, I get pinched nerves all the time. I try to stretch my shoulders and neck often to keep things loose. So, when this happens, I roll up my pillow and sleep with it under my neck. Well, it got rid of the pinching, but did not help with the sleeping. So, apparently, my alarm went off and I hit the off button.  Oops! So, up 30 minutes late = not good. I have to work out early or it just does not get done. Oh well, I got my cardio done and I will make up the strength training this weekend. No biggy. Well, it was actually a major biggy until I had my coffee and my brain was functioning at some capacity.

On a different subject, I am completely in love again! This my friends lit me up and made me so happy! Others collect varieties of nut butters...I collect hot sauce!

Is it weird that the Doors' "Come On Baby Light My Fire" was playing in my head the entire time I ate dinner last night? Weird or not, my face was on fire and I loved it! Dinner was an egg white omelette with sauteed Japanese mixed vegetables (the frozen bag) and savory toasted waffles. This meal completely hit the spot! If you haven't tried savory waffles, you are missing out. They are perfect when you are looking for a great whole grain toast and you don't have bread. They take no time to put together too!

Savory Oatmeal Flax Waffles

1/2 cup quick oats
1 TBSP flax meal
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
3/4 cup hot water

Mix the dry ingredients together and then add the hot water. Cook in your waffle iron. Keep it in there longer than a regular waffle so it is toasted.

I really needed the savory meal after having apple dumplings with brown sugar flax oatmeal ice cream for dinner the night before. I know, this would have been a bad choice, however you know me...low fat and low sugar, oh and gluten free! They were a request from the illustrator, so you know I had to.

Who's ready for Friday?

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