Friday, July 30, 2010
Trial and Error...
Ok, I did a strength training workout on Exercise Tv two days ago that killed my butt. It's this guy that I blame! Just goes to show you what changing it up with do! So, today I had a little fun with a boot camp and then I did more upper body strength training...and lots of stretching of the gluteus maximus!  After our walk this morning, I got back and made French toast!
I told you I have been craving bread lately. Well, this little baking adventure started out with a loaf of gluten free banana bread. I did something a little different in that I used yeast and baking powder in the bread. I was looking for something with a crusty exterior and a chewy interior.
It was very sturdy and not too sweet.  It had a great texture, but I want a little more fluff. Perfect for a schmear of peanut butter, though!
Here is a picture of the honor of my sore backside!
This is definitely heading in the right direction, but I want to work on it more. I used a mixture of buckwheat, brown rice flour and white rice flour.  I liked the combination of yeast and baking powder, since they both help with the lift while the yeast adds a nice flavor. I knew it would not stay fresh for long though so we all decided French toast was the way to go with the left overs.
As a side note, this was the illustrator's plate and I have to say that I was super impressed with the banana to French toast ratio! He is seriously changing his ways! Don't worry, there will always be chicken wings in his life, but it makes me feel better that he is adding this kind of stuff in there too! The bread worked really well as French toast and was the perfect fuel for the water park adventures today.

We only have one more week until school is back on and the kids are freaked out about not getting to go anymore, but I assured them that we will go until they close it down. Oh, and I am pretty sure that the people at the water park read my rules since there have not been any white clothing mishaps since the original rules were listed. Thank you to all of you who have purchased bathing suites with have saved me from having to explain all kinds of things to my boys!

So, do you have a recipe that is a work in progress or do you just give up and move on when something isn't where you want it? I can't let things go with food. I want it to get to where I want it to be!

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