Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Waffles?
Thank you to everyone for your thoughts for my sister. I spoke with her today and she is doing well.  At this point, she has at least another week in the hospital. My guess is longer, but every day is another day the baby gets stronger!

I am waking up earlier than I want to lately. I wish that I could at least sleep until the alarm goes off. I lay there now so I don't wake the illustrator up when I get up. He needs his sleep! I think I am in that weird state of being over tired...mentally and physically. I am hoping to get to bed a little earlier tonight...I am thinking we will watch the last episode of the first disk of "My So Called Life" and then we will be off to bed. We watched this when it was on TV and it is weird how I remember how I felt at that age. Now I am watching it from a different perspective since I have kids that aren't far from that age. That is scary! I am still that girl though. I swear I got chills last night when Jordan Catalano said Angela's name for the first time. Does anyone know what I am talking about? 
Now, for my latest obsession...waffle sandwiches!  Seriously, I can't get enough of them.  I have to restrain myself from boring you guys to death with the number of waffles I have been making. They are perfect for a breakfast sandwich though!  Mine was a fried egg and Daiya melted between 2 waffle wedges.
Jay went monte cristo style this morning. His had ham in it and a little bit of powder sugar on top. This was all his doing. I was pretty impressed with his thought process. I've warned you...I am on a waffle craze. It really makes the perfect sandwich!

What is your latest obsession food or otherwise?

What are your favorite old tv shows? Mine are "My So Called Life", "Felicity", "Mad About You"...I am sure I could go on, but these are shows that I love to rewatch.

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