Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Back On Track...
I am trying to get back on track. I missed my workout yesterday, so I was anxious to get to it this morning! I hate missing a workout. It felt weird to come back on a Monday too. The day was halfway over when we started doing things we needed to get done. I decided to start today with some cardio boxing and weights before we went on our morning walk. We both must have been pretty exhausted because we did not talk much and we cut a few minutes off our normal time. The illustrator is swamped with work and I needed to get to the store for a few things. We decided to wait and do our big pantry restock trip when the boys are back in school (less than 2 weeks). So, today was just a few things to get us through. Although, with the way the boys ate today...I will be back at the store in a few days!

When we got home yesterday, it was lunch time. We knew we would only be gone for a couple of days so we left a few things in the fridge for when we returned. There is nothing worse than coming home to nothing to eat in the house. We decided that lunch would be easy...
for me it was a salad with mung bean sprouts, romaine, Spicy Falafel Chips and hot sauce!
(Roasted pork pasta with garlic bread)

While putting lunch together we talked about dinner and what our options were.  We did this last time so I thought I would share this time.  To the left over oven roasted pork shoulder (about 3 cups shredded), we added a jar of pasta sauce, a large can of whole tomatoes, 4 cloves of garlic (chopped) and a large onion (sliced).  We baked it at 350 degrees for about 3 hours. Have you ever baked your pasta sauce? That is how we made it growing up and I swear it is incredible. It makes the sauce so rich. This is what the boys had.
Note to self, when making pasta for the boys, make sure the illustrator has pasta! Oops! Luckily we had some Udi's pizza crusts to make a pizza with or it would have been a really frustrating food night!
These worked perfectly!  The crust is essentially a flatbread, so it makes a great thin crust pizza!
Me, I had another quinoa bake topped with Daiya. This time I used a new product that I recieved...Smoked Chipotle Hummus from Flamous Brands.
Loved the spicy flavor it added to the mixture! It is very thick and full of flavor. I really like that is it shelf stable! It is always nice to have things like this on hand in the pantry for a little added flavor to dishes!
You know me though, I added more heat! My mother-in-law thinks I am going to burn out my belly, but it is so good!

Thank you for all the kinds words on my mom and sister! It really means so much to me! My sister is doing well and staying put in the hospital. My mom is on her way back home for more evaluations and in a few weeks she will have physical therapy. She is tough, so I have no doubt she will be as good as new! I am taking Madeline's advice and using the power of positivity this week! I will make this a great week!

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