Thursday, June 3, 2010
Getting Ready...
Ugh, I fear I will never be done getting ready to leave for Charlotte today.  T minus 4 hours and I still have baking to do and a shower to take and some stress to get off my back!  Hopefully I can accomplish the last with getting the other two together! 
The cinnamon bread is in the oven...
The oatmeal cookie dough is in the fridge...
If I want to make myself totally crazy, I will make pizzelles.  That is still up for debate in my mind.  Hence the stress.  I am also making gluten free sausage balls, but that is in a little bit...Oh, and did I mention hummus.  Hummus needs to be made!
Anyway, I am trying to just do what I can.  If I don't get the pizzelles made then so be it.  We travel with lots of food because when we go to conventions, you don't get a whole lot of time to eat during the day.  Besides, now that the illustrator can't have gluten (or dairy right now) food can be difficult.  So, we are take a lot with us!  Love the plug in coolers...they are such a life saver!

We also pack rice chex (gluten and dairy free), falafel chips, salt and pepper chips, carrots, apples, bananas, water (we only do a few and then refill there and boxed wine.  

What do you take on trips?  Probably not as much as us, but we gotta eat!

**Sorry about the reused pictures, if I get a chance to retake some...I will.  The cinnamon bread came out all wants to be photographed!

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