Sunday, June 20, 2010
Fathers Day!
I started going through old pictures today and totally lost focus.  I love going through old pictures.  The memories just keep coming back.

First off, Happy Father's Day to my father!
He has four daughters!  Not an easy task for a man to take on.  Luckily, our ages are up to 16 years apart so the estrogen is spanned out over a larger amount of time.  Sadly, we don't all get together very often so this is from a couple of Thanksgivings ago.  From left: Tara, Mackenzie, Me, Whitney, Dad and Mom.
(This is an older photo that I liked of us.)
Now for the father of my children...Happy Father's day babe!  You have given me the world and there are no words to say how appreciative I am of that!
(Tony feeding Jay.)
I think dads get a bad rap sometimes.  They don't cary the baby and when you nurse, they don't feed the baby (I pumped early so he could feed our little ones), so their job is thought to be not as important.  In this family, that could not be further from the case.  Tony has always been there with me through the good and the bad.  The night time feedings, the diaper changing, the illnesses, the sadness and the joy.
(Tony feeding Max.)
He has a warm heart and he has always been in this with me 50-50!  When Jay was 6 weeks old, Tony was the one that worked from home to take care of him while I went back to my catering sales job.  He and the boys have a special bond that makes me so thankful for all the hard work we both went through to have them!
(I love dad napping pictures!)
When we got up this morning, the boys had already posted "Happy Father's Day" messages to their dad.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know they think of him so highly too!  It also makes me sad that our boys are getting so big.  We all love you Tony and hope that you have a great Father's Day!
This pictures should explain a little bit about how hard it is to parent...yes, he ate a yellow crayon. Jay's favorite color is yellow...I hope that explains the expression on his face.
They all three built this robot costume together.
This is Jay, Tony, Max and Joey (the stick) on a camping trip a couple of years ago.  Max is doing his "happy face".  Seriously, he does this on purpose so all of his pictures look like this when we pose...that is why we never pose as a group for picutres!  Max=Trouble!  I love watching my men grow closer together!
This, they learned from their father!
As much as I like them getting older, I really miss my little guys!

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