Thursday, April 22, 2010
Quick Dinner...
Tonight is a busy night.  Max (the 9 year old) had drama practice after school and he has his final skate night for school and he wants to "show off his moves" is what he told me.  I am certainly not looking forward to a skating ring full of elementary school kids and I am not allowed to skate tonight since it is a school function.  Can you believe that?  He likes it when I skate when we go other nights, but not on the school night.  So, quick dinner and out for the evening.  Do you have a favorite meal?  I remember as a kid I would always say pizza.  Now, I LOVE salads with beans on them.  Really just about any bean will do along with any mix of veggies.  I could probably eat that for lunch and dinner for the rest of my life since the combinations are endless!  
I pressure cook my beans and keep them on hand in the freezer or the fridge.  Dried beans are so cheap and easy!  I made 4 1/4 cups of hummus yesterday for less than $2!  That is a super bargain!!!  

Dessert is on the fly too!  Gluten free/dairy free KinniToos!  Tasty treat rivaling the gluten laden/dairy infested chocolate sandwich cookie!

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