Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Homemade Tagalongs...
Kelly posed a question this morning about kids, textbooks and technology.  Well, this is what happens when your kids have technology knowledge...
Let's start off with saying that I was a girl scout.  So, when they come to my door, I feel like I have to buy something.  However, two of  us here can't eat them.  I don't want to keep my kids from enjoying things just because we can't have them, but sometimes it is just a tease!  So, when the kids finished the  box of Tagalongs I started to get the gripes of...you have got to figure out how to make these.  I knew I had seen them around a while back, but I did not know the demand was going to be for now.  I left Max (9 years old) downstairs with his last cookie...I then came back downstairs and this was up on the computer!  The little stinker had googled (we have protection on our google) "chocolate peanut butter girl scout cookie".  Then he said, "ok, here is the recipe".  Seriously, he was not messing around!  After reading the recipe, I knew it was going to take some time, but I had everything on hand so I agreed to make them...this weekend.  After delivering the illustrator to the airport at 4am on Saturday, I came home on a coffee high and got to work!  These are time consuming due to all of the steps, but they are really easy to make and the boys have been in heaven!  I actually really enjoyed the process and I was really happy with the outcome!  Not that these are "healthy", but they are so much better for you than the original cookies and that makes me happier to make them!

First up...making cookie balls.
Then you have perfectly baked round cookies!  Well, sort of...
Next up, peanut butter goodness!
Smear it all around.
Test this flavor out.
Melted chocolate...you could bathe in this!
Now, the cookies bathe in it.
Next, enjoy with a few shot glasses of your favorite dairy free milk!
I was told by the little men that these needed to be coated in chocolate...to be right.  That means top and bottom.  So, I ran out of chocolate.  Never fear, they work with a schmear of your favorite chocolate nut butter spread too!

I followed Love and Olive Oils directions.  The changes I made to the ingredients are...I used soy free earth balance, natural peanut butter and Enjoy Life dairy free chocolate chips.

1. Make sure you put these on parchment after dipping them in chocolate so they don't stick.
2. Refrigerate them after the dip!
3. Next time, I am going to use coconut oil.
4. You bet I am making these babies gluten free soon!

Extra note...
Be Careful When You Google Food!  Have you ever been grossed out by google a recipe idea?


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