Friday, March 19, 2010
Maple Peanut Butter
Truth be told, I am cheap.  I know, shocking!  I live on a budget (who doesn't these days) and splurging on flavored peanut butters is just not a priority.  I have seen different brands in the stores that incorporate flavors in different nut butters and since I had a bad of roasted peanuts (in the shell) sitting in my pantry (and no peanut butter), I figured it was time to put those peanuts to some good use!  I kept putting it off because I had to shell the nuts, but when I finally pulled the bag out of the pantry, I had no problem getting to work.
It's funny how a huge bag of peanuts turned out to be just shy of two cups of actually peanuts.  I guess that will slow you down if you are just eating the nuts. 
A must have for ease in the kitchen is a food processor!  I love mine.  I am not sure how I ever lived without it.  Seriously, this thing makes chopping, mixing and pureeing so easy.  I have this one and I absolutely love it!
Now, back to the peanut butter...It takes a little while to get it to a creamy state, but I like making it at home because you have so many options from flavors, to smooth or decide.
This got super creamy, but when I added the maple syrup, it turned into an almost candy consistency.  I wanted it to smooth out a little more, so I added some almond milk.  I have done this before with other nut butters I made and I love the velvety texture it becomes.  This did not disappoint!  It has a real peanut flavor that is kissed with a subtle maple flavor.  This stuff is all real with no flavorings and no funky oils!  Oh, and half the price of the expensive ones!!!

Maple Peanut Butter
(makes about  1 1/2 cups)

2 cups roasted peanuts
3 TBSP real maple syrup
6 TBSP almond milk

Puree the peanuts until smooth, add the rest of the ingredients a little at a time and continue to puree until smooth. (If you add more almond milk, this turns into an tasty icing or heat a little with a little almond milk and use as a sauce on pancakes or ice cream.)

Fun food fact...did you know that peanuts are actually a bean related to chickpeas and lentils.  I should have known since I have such a love affair with the almighty chickpea and have recently fallen for lentils!

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