Sunday, March 28, 2010
Almond Buckwheat Pancakes
Well, it is Sunday and HEAB says time for pancakes!  So, I have fallen in love with pancakes.  First (food) love oatmeal...second (food) love pancakes.  (I had to go back and clarify that since the illustrator is clearly my first love!)  I normally incorporate the two (oatmeal and pancakes, not the illustrator and pancakes), but lately I have been playing around with some other high protein flours.  I got some almond flour recently and thought it would be fun to play around with some pancakes. 
Now, when I make pancakes they are all types of thickness, thinness, cakey, get the idea.  These were very cakey.  Like cake/muffin texture.  I loved the combination of the buckwheat and almond flour.  Buckwheat gives them a cakier texture (and helps hold it together) while the almond flour gives these a nice chew.  The flavor combination was so good.  I decided to use some of my Crofters Europe microwaved with a firm, sweet Fuji apple as the topper and wow, these hit the spot!!!  I loved the sauce the apples and Crofter's made.  I really liked the pink color!  Very Spring like in color!  See the chunks of fruit from the spread?  Impressive!
Almond Buckwheat Pancakes
(makes 1 big pancake)

1/4 cup blanched almond flour
2 TBSP buckwheat flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 egg
2 TBSP almond milk, water or whatever liquid you would like
10 drops NuNaturals vanilla stevia

Mix everything together and cook in a nonstick griddle.

The apple topping was 1 small Fuji apple diced and microwaved for 2 minutes.  Then I added 1 TBSP Crofter's Europe and microwaved for one more minute.  This mixture would be so good on ice cream too!  YUM!

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