Thursday, December 31, 2009
Parties With Friends!
So, with chickpeas soaking and a sick illustrator in the house, I am unsure of what our plans are this New Year's Eve. Do you have big plans?

I received a question the other day about how to let your friends in on your food allergies when you are going to their houses or going out. I thought I would share some ideas and some of the recipes that I find easy to throw together to carry with me!

We do a lot of research before we go anywhere to eat. Most restaurants have websites so you can look up the menus. If you have detailed questions, you can call before hand to make sure you are making a wise decision. Then, when you order, confirm that you are getting the meal that suites your needs. Trust me, it will come up in conversation with your friends then.

When you go over to a friend's houses, offer to bring something and in the same part of the conversation, ask what they are preparing so you can bring something that goes along with the menu. Most people will gladly have you contribute. At this point, if they tell you no, then just mention your food restriction and let them know you want to contribute something to make things easier on them. Trust me, if people are inviting you over, they want you to be able to enjoy the party in every way! I have great friends that are very understanding and always want to make sure that they have things for us and are always nice about having us contribute. Here are a few things that you may have the ingredients for hanging around the house or are easy to throw together for this evening or any evening with friends.
Hummus is my favorite thing to bring to parties!
Roasted stuffed peppers are great for a meal!
Chili is a great contribution! You can use this one as a dip or a main dish. I love this is so quick to come together and it is delicious!
Gooey bars are requested everywhere I go.
Crustless sweet potato pie went over so well this year! You can make it pumpkin too!
Fruit cobblers are always a hit! You can bring the cobbler and ice cream for all!
Gluten free coconut cupcakes! Need I say more?
Cake mix cookies are so easy and everybody loves them!

I hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve, enjoy the friends and the food...and be safe!

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